If there's no way you can make it...

. . . but you're dying to see and bid on one or more cartoons, here's the absentee bidder process:

Contact Absentee Bidder Coordinator Judy Hines by email before 6pm EST on November 10: judy.hines(at)verizon.net and tell her that:

  1. you'll buy a ticket, just as all the bidders in attendance will;
  2. you want to see an advance copy of the catalog (she'll mail it to you, overnight if necessary); and
  3. you'll let her know which cartoons (live and/or silent auction) you want to bid on and what your maximum bid would be for each.

Your "representative bidder" – we assign sharp people who really get into this – will start low and move up in gradual increments until they win one or more cartoons for you or the bidding passes your maximum.